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How to Create WhatsApp Ads?

How to Create WhatsApp Ads

Advertising is a crucial element for any business. There are many platforms where businesses can execute advertising campaigns. But do you know that now you can use WhatsApp to advertise your products and services?

Whatsapp has 1.5 billion monthly users across the globe, and these users send more than 60 billion messages via WhatsApp on a daily basis. People are actively using WhatsApp and that’s the biggest reason to advertise your brand on it.

But wait, Creating WhatsApp ads does not mean that you can actually advertise within the app directly.

Yes, you read it right. You can’t just put a carousel ad or a video ad inside personal conversations or on the main screen where users see an overview of all the conversations they’ve had.

You can run click-to-message ads on Facebook and Instagram that point users directly to WhatsApp. This is how it looks:

Facebook ad Pointing to WhatsApp

These WhatsApp ads allow your potential customers to instantly connect with you and have a conversation around your brand. Let’s find out how you can incorporate WhatsApp into your Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies.


How to Create WhatsApp Advertising Account

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t just advertise on WhatsApp. But you can use Facebook & Instagram for WhatsApp ads, these platforms give you the option of sending people who click on those ads directly to your WhatsApp. You can simply include a “Send Message” button on your ads. By adding this button, WhatsApp customers and even normal WhatsApp users can instantly chat with brands/advertisers. 

WhatsApp ads are becoming very effective as they are more conversational and engaging in nature.

Follow these steps to create WhatsApp ads:

1) You need to create a WhatsApp Business account in order to create ad campaigns that drive people to WhatsApp. You can easily create it by downloading the WhatsApp Business app.

2) Once you Create the WhatsApp Business account, you need to connect it to your Facebook Page.  Keep in mind that Facebook verifies your business details before linking the page to your WhatsApp business account, make sure you fill in the relevant business details. Once you connect your WhatsApp to Facebook and complete the verification process, you can easily access your WhatsApp ad campaign details inside the Facebook ads manager.

Connecting WhatsApp Business Account to Facebook Page

3) Now it’s time to create ads for your brand inside the Facebook Ads Manager. Under Ads Creation, you need to choose an objective for your entire WhatsApp ad campaign. 

There are two categories of objectives you can choose from:

1st Category: Messages, Website Conversions, or traffic.

2nd Category: Engagement, Video Views, Brand Awareness, or Reach. 

You will have to be precise with the objective you choose for your campaign as it will directly impact the overall advertising results.

4) You will have to follow these steps for creating an ad campaign to achieve the objectives from the 1st Category:

  1. Set the Campaign budget once you select the objective for the ad campaign.
  2. From Ad Type, select the Click to Message option.
  3. Now select WhatsApp in the messaging apps section.
  4. Decide the audience, budget, and placement for your ad.
  5. You can schedule your ad if you want to.
  6. Choose your ad format to complete the ad setup.
  7. Once you completed the ad creation process, Click Save and Finish.
  8. Click Publish if you want to immediately publish the ad.

In case you want to achieve objectives from the 2nd Category, then here are the steps for you: 

  1. Set your ad campaign budget after you select the objective.
  2. Choose your audience, ad budget, and ad placements.
  3. Once you do that and click on Next, you will have to add your business website URL under the links section.
  4. Select Send WhatsApp Message under Call to Action.
  5. Now select your Facebook page(that has WhatsApp number connected) from the drop-down menu.
  6. Once you have completed the ad creation process, you can click on Publish.


Selecting the Right Audience

What’s the point of spending a huge amount of money on ads if they are not being seen by the right audience? 

Knowing your audience is the key to a successful WhatsApp ad campaign.

Selecting the Right Audience

There are three types of audiences you can target: 

Saved Audiences: Audiences that are built by including and excluding people based on their demographics, purchase behaviour, and interests. 

Custom Audiences: It is created with the help of data such as offline customer lists, email lists, or online interactions people make on your website or app.

Lookalike audiences: This is a set of audiences that have never interacted with your brand, but are very similar to your active custom audiences.


Ad Placements

Where you place your ad will also determine who sees your advertisement. There are many places in the Facebook ecosystem where you can place your ads. Facebook News Feed, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Feed, Instagram Explore are some of them. You can place your ad anywhere in these areas and link them directly to your WhatsApp Business account.

Another place to show your ads is the Facebook Search field. A huge amount of people are searching for particular products on Facebook Search Results. You can get your ads in front of those people and redirect them to a conversation in your WhatsApp Business account.


Creating Various Types of Ads

While creating an ad campaign for WhatsApp, you get many options for adding different media files to your ads. 

Various Types of Ads

Following are the highest converting ad formats you can choose for your ad campaign:


Images work the best for sharing information about your products and services. Image ads are the most basic ad format out there. You can use images in different ad types and placements to see what works the best for you.


Carousel ads include a bunch of images that a viewer can scroll through. This is the best option for businesses that have a catalogue of products they want to sell. Adding the catalogue in the carousel ad can give customers a variety of products to choose from.


Let’s admit the fact that videos are way more engaging than images. So why not include some eye-catching videos in your ad?

Create a video ad that is short and engaging and see how it actually connects with your audience.



We all know that organic reach is almost dead on many social media platforms. Running advertisements on social media is the best way of getting your products and services in front of your potential customers and building your brand overall. If most of your audiences are using WhatsApp, using this messaging platform for your business can be a great marketing strategy. 

So start running Facebook ads to WhatsApp and connect with your potential customers at scale.


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