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How to Build an Organic Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Organic Instagram Marketing Strategy

The Instagram algorithm has been changing all the time. Not just that, it also rolls out many new features that you need to know in order to grow your brand organically on Instagram. 

Using spammy methods like purchasing likes and followers will no longer help your brand grow. Rather it would get your account banned.

That’s why you should have a strategy to grow your brand on Instagram the legit way.

In this article, you will find the process of creating an organic marketing strategy to successfully grow your brand on Instagram.


Know Your Target Audience

Don’t try to impress everyone. Try to grow the right set of audience on your Instagram profile. Figure out who is your target audience and build your content for them.

In order to define your audience, you need to think about:

Demographics: Where do your customers live? How old are they? Is your product or service made for a specific gender? 

Purchase Intent: Do your customers make expensive and luxury purchases? or do they just make normal everyday purchases? What are you going to sell them? A high ticket product or a small monthly subscription?

Pain Point: Do your customers have problems they have been trying to solve? Can your product make their lives easier? or is it just a luxury product?


Improve Your Organic Content Quality

Would you follow an Instagram account that publishes random posts all the time? No, right! If you publish content that has no purpose or direction. It will reduce the conversions on your profile. 

To avoid this, you need to have a very clear vision for every single post you publish on Instagram. Ask this question before posting any content: Does this piece of content have any good purpose? Is it relevant to your business? Does it help your followers gain more info or find something interesting about your brand? You shouldn’t publish if the answer is NO.

It’s ok to create different posts with different goals. Just make sure that no post exists on your feed without a purpose.


Instagram Organic Content

Here are some of the reasons you should level up your content game on Instagram:

  • Great posts can increase your overall reach & New followers would love to share your content more often.
  • If your posts add value for your followers, they are more likely to like, comment on, or share your posts. It will increase the overall engagement.
  • You can even create content that gives all the necessary information and work as a customer service support.


Spy Your Competitors

Before creating any content strategy for Instagram, you should spend a good amount of time researching the similar content you are going to serve to your audience. 

Do you know that over 80 million users’ photos are uploaded to Instagram every single day?

80 million is of course a huge number.

And we don’t even suggest you go through each and every post on Instagram. Instead, your goal should be to do targeted research throughout your Instagram journey. 

Spying on Instagram Competitors


You can add the following elements to your research:

Know your competitors: 

  • How many followers do they have?
  • How many people actually engage with their content?
  • What kind of content are they posting?

Know your audience:

  • Does your audience follow a particular type of accounts?
  • Are they consumers or business owners?
  • When are they most active on the platform?
  • What kind of content do they post?

Know hashtags your competitors use:

If your competitors are using particular hashtags, chances are they have already done the research and come up with those hashtags. You still need to go through some of the posts from that hashtag page and see if you find relevant and good content or spammy one. If the content associated with the hashtags are good then you can even add them to your future content. (make sure your content is relevant to the hashtag)

Know the current trends:

Have you currently noticed that everyone is posting rainbow-colour photos? Have you watched some of the reels about the same thing? Well, don’t just follow the trend blindly. Spend some time and research to find out how content trends develop & work on your Instagram content plan accordingly. The research will help you figure out how long a trend lasts and is it really important to jump on the bandwagon.


Be Consistent with Your Content

Consistently Posting Content On Instagram

Growing on Instagram is not a one-day, one-week, or one-month game. It’s about being consistent with the efforts no matter what. You can’t stop posting content if you find none of your previous posts went viral. You can’t even stop posting if you find some of your posts went viral and you think your job is done there.

The fact is, most of your posts will never go viral and that’s why you must find a better way to get your content in front of your target audience.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Do I post when most of your followers are active?
  • Is my content high-quality and engaging?
  • Am I posting consistently or just once in a blue moon?

When you post consistently, your followers will set some expectations from you and look forward to your next piece of content. There are many brands that prefer to post multiple times a day while some brands only post a few times a week. 

It’s your choice whether you want to post multiple times or just once a week, just make sure you are consistent with the posting schedule.


Make Conversions Simple

Buying Products On Instagram

Does your brand sell products? Do you want to sell them on Instagram? With the recent Instagram update selling products on Instagram became easy.

You can share a link to your website or landing page to redirect your audience where they can easily make the purchase. Consider these places to share links:

– Your Bio

– IGTV caption

– Reels Caption

– Direct Messages

– Instagram Stories (Only if you have more than 10000 followers)

– Shopping Tags

If you really want to get more clicks and increase the overall conversions, try using all the above-mentioned formats. Your goal is to make it easy for people to find the links without any hassle. Also, make sure that all the links point to specific pages(product pages) rather than a home page. No one would spend time navigating on your website to find the product they saw on your Instagram.

Now it’s time to add a call to action, you have to ask people for those link clicks in a very subtle way. Don’t just share a link without any context.

Tip: Keep checking all the links to share on Instagram once a while, you need to make sure all the links are active and not landing users to 404 error pages.


Make Your Customers Validated

Using Customers Reviews for Instagram Content

Your brand will never succeed if you don’t make your customers/audience feel special. On Instagram, you can do that by including user-generated content (UGC) in your marketing strategy. 

UGC is the content created by your audience that is totally about your brand or the product & services you offer. When you find someone tags your brand in their post or simply sends you the content created by your audience, this is all UGC. 

User-generated content can:

  • save your time and effort to create new content.
  • build social proof as UGC can include customer reviews & feedback.
  • make your customers special when you share their content with the world.

Three easy ways to collect user-generated content are: 

  1. Using & promoting your branded hashtag
  2. Frequently check your mentions to see who has added you in their content and can it add value to your overall audience.
  3. You can even interact with people in comments, DMs, and stories and share them with the world (make sure you take user’s permission to use their words for your content)


Increase Overall Engagement

Engaging With Instagram Audience

Engaging with your audience is as important as sharing quality content. Remember that Instagram is a social media platform and not a business listing site

The primary purpose of Instagram is to socialise. You can’t just keep promoting your business without interacting with others. It doesn’t work that way. It has to benefit both your brand and your audience. 

This is how you can improve your engagement on Instagram:

– Always respond to every comment you get on your posts

– Respond to negative comments instead of deleting them

– Follow your followers back, especially when you are new and want to know your followers better

– Interact with your followers’ posts

– Respond quickly to the direct messages(DM’s) your get

– React to posts that tag your brand

If your brand manages to be present, interested and engaged with your followers; you can see your Instagram profile turning into a community.


Run Promotions & Contests

Person Winning Contest On Instagram

Who doesn’t like giveaways and freebies? In recent studies, it was found that 72% of the overall consumers are looking for discounts or sales. They are expecting this from active brands on social media. 

Most of the marketers and brands are not promoting any freebies, sales or discounts. 

To increase your brand presence on Instagram you can run promotions and contests. You can make some requirements for participation. You can ask people to follow your brand or tag their friends to get more exposure. The more people participate in the contests the more your brand will grow. Keep organising such giveaways and contests on a monthly or quarterly basis so your followers will stick with your brand and look forward to the next contest.


Try Influencer Marketing

We have seen a huge growth in influencer marketing over the last couple of years. It is surely one of the effective ways to grow your brand online. 

Influencer marketing is like social media marketing that uses product mentions and endorsements from influencers. These influencers are individuals who have a big and dedicated following on social media. These influencers have already built a high amount of trust with their audience that marketers and brands can leverage to promote products & services.

You don’t always need to go with huge influencers with millions of followings, if you are just starting out you can approach micro-influencers who have engaged audiences who are small in numbers. Most of these influencers are serving a specific niche and they are open to working with the brands that are just starting up.

Working with influencers will establish trust for your brand. You can even notice organic growth in your Instagram account.


Use Instagram Insights Effectively

Use your Instagram insights feature more often. You have to keep an eye on what strategy is working for you and whatnot. Instagram Insights will provide you with all the necessary information you need to successfully grow your account. 

But learning about your analytics is not enough, you have to act on them as well.

Try to keep your growth, reach, conversion rates, and engagement HIGH to establish your brand on Instagram.

Tip: Don’t be overly dependent on Instagram insights. Just because you notice a post went viral and did amazing, does not mean you have to keep creating similar posts in the future. Prioritise your followers. If they don’t like that kind of content, don’t post.



There are so many ways to grow your Instagram account organically. You just have to keep exploring new ways and keep improving. 

You have to accept that it is a never-ending process of growing your Instagram organically. As there will be new trends, new post formats, and other new features to learn about. 

Using the strategies mentioned in this article will help you grow your Instagram much better than relying on spammy methods.


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